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Serving In Kid's Ministries
What is kids ministry? Why do we need it? Why should you serve? How do we accomplish it? Serving in kids ministry allows you to invest in the kids and families at your church and in your community. Jana Magruder introduces three components to a healthy kids ministry: kingdom expanding, heart transforming, and culture shaping. Chuck Peters discusses how kids need to know God’s Word and understand their identity in Jesus Christ. Chuck also discusses ten volunteer expectations for those who serve in kids ministry and how to equip parents to feel comfortable and confident in gospel conversations with their kids. Downloadable resources include a weekly checklist, volunteer expectations, and other handouts.
Children's Ministries Policies and Procedures
Explore a sample and overview of kids ministry policies and procedures, including expectations, check in and check out procedures, emergency preparedness, safety and security, managing classroom behavior, cleanliness, and more.
How To Teach Kids
How do you teach? How has God wired the kids in your class or ministry? What do they need to learn and grow? A successful and effective teacher understands the needs of kids and tailors teaching to meet their specific needs. Melita Thomas examines seven to tips to effectively reach, teach, and engage kids. Melita also discusses characteristics of younger children (5-8 years old) and older kids (9-12 years old) as well as provides four ways to involve kids in missions.
Evangelism and Discipleship in Children's Ministries
Sharing the gospel is important, but it isn’t hard. We must practice, prepare, and share. Like anything else, it gets easier the more you do it. Chuck Peters examines how to discuss salvation in age-appropriate ways with kids and provides ten talking tips for engaging kids in gospel conversations. Chuck also examines how to support and help parents point their kids to the truth of God’s Word daily, fulfilling Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Chuck then provides practical tips to prepare a child for baptism and how to disciple a child after he or she has made a salvation decision.
Discipleship Frameworks For Children's Ministries
Kids ministry is more than teaching a Bible story, doing a craft or game, singing a song, and then calling it a day. Jana Magruder discusses how a healthy kids ministry focuses on evangelism and discipleship. Jana explores a gospel-centered framework, a life application framework, and a biblical literacy framework. Downloadable resources include charts, posters, and graphics that illustrate each discipleship framework.
Creating A Children's Ministry Philosophy And Discipleship Framework
Jana Magruder examines how to create a kids ministry philosophy by focusing on the non-negotiable parts of your ministry through implementing a discipleship plan and framework for all ages.
Recruiting And Retaining Volunteers In Children's Ministry
Jana Magruder discusses the need for building a team of volunteers in your kids ministry by having well trained volunteers with the goal of the volunteers showing support and sustainability. Downloadable resources also include a sample application form, job descriptions, and weekly checklists.
Kidministration: Ten Tips for Administration in Children's Ministry
Chuck Peters examines how serving as a kids ministry director encompasses several administrative tasks and oversight such as the amount of time actually spent with the kids verses the expectation. Peters walks through the 10 administrative tips for kids ministry that include: 1. Clarify expectations. 2. What’s your “Why” statement? 3. Take control of your time. 4. Lead people well. 5. Choose curriculum carefully. 6. Tackle your tasks. 7. Analyze everything. 8. Work from a budget. 9. Get, be, and stay organized. 10. Build systems.
Six Action Steps To Conquer Administration In Children's Ministry
Chuck Peters encourages new kids ministry directors to survey and assess their ministry before taking action or making changes. Th six action steps are: 1. Assess the situation. 2. Determine a destination. 3. Plan with determination. 4. Act without hesitation. 5. Work with dedication. 6. Pause for celebration.