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Discipleship For Women
Discipleship or Belief? Just as when “Simon says,” children act, when “Jesus says,” do women obey? Simone Monroe shares how this intersection of belief or behavior is linked to four major steps of discipleship. How to Renew Your Mind: Renewing our minds is vital to our Christian walk. Ashley Chesnut unpacks three key questions to such powerful renewing and explores the integral role of identity. Keep Your Passion for Christ Fresh and Real: Many women encounter seasons where the “fire” burns low. Rachel Lovingood explores how to keep passion fresh and real by addressing fire quenchers and five practical ways to build the flame.
Spiritual Disciplines For Women
Do you struggle with Scripture memorization? Personal evangelism? Or even daily prayer time? Join Kelly King, Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Paige Greene, and others as they discuss spiritual disciplines for women and how to incorporate these practices into your daily life.
The Basics In Leading In Women's Ministries
The Basics of Ministry to Women: Ministry to women is deeply rooted in the Bible and in our calling to be disciples making disciples. Kelly King explores this concept to give basic purpose to your ministry by describing three powerful words: encourage, embrace, and echo. A Lifestyle and Leadership of Humility: From Moses to King David to Jesus, humility is clearly a characteristic God values. Courtney Veasey describes how we can cultivate humility in our lifestyle and leadership through exploring Philippians 2 to reveal three key insights. Pouring In, Pouring Out: They are pouring out, counseling others at the cost of working through areas in their own life and numbing personal issues to help others. Kasey Ewig explores this dangerous situation where women in ministry can “die on the vine” if they are not being poured into by the Lord before they pour out. She shares three key ideas to move women into practices, repentance, and trust.
Leading A Women's Bible Study
Choosing, promoting, and preparing for a women's Bible study at your church may feel daunting or overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Kelly King examines considerations for choosing the right Bible study for your group, ways to promote the Bible study in your church and community, and resources and tools to help you lead and teach.
Reaching Women
A Path for Mentoring: Mentoring seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Kelly King describes simple ways to mentor which can aid your ministry whether you are looking to encourage mentoring, develop a mentoring system, or establish a church culture of mentoring. How Women's Ministry Can Partner with Girls Ministry: The impact of women’s ministry partnering with girls’ ministry is often undervalued, but it’s not as challenging as you may think. Whitley Tracey unpacks three key ways women can step into ministry with girls. The Single Gal and Your Women's Ministry: Three common church myths surround single ladies which often negatively impact women’s ministry. Kim Whitten unpacks these and offers three alternatives to encourage single women within your women’s ministry.
Mentoring Women
Leighann McCoy, Prayer and Women's Minister at Thompson Station Church, offers practical advice and ideas about how to create and sustain a mentoring ministry, specifically with women, within the local church. Among other things, McCoy defines what a mentor is and discusses many of the roles of a mentor fills in a mentoring ministry.
Ministering To Women In Crisis
Chris Adams of LifeWay Women shares ways for women's ministry leaders to walk through crisis with other women involved in sexual addiction, domestic abuse, substance abuse, post-trauma abortion, and more.