He Notices
July 2nd, 2024
There are so many powerful statements in John’s account of the death and resurrection of Lazarus. “I am the Resurrection and Life” (John 11:25) Or the call to four-day dead Lazarus, “Come forth! (vers...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Hearing From Home
June 27th, 2024
When I was the Head of School at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy, I received a phone call from a guidance counselor from a local high school. They had a new exchange student from Tanzania who was s...  Read More
by Duke Stone
My Walmart Experience
June 25th, 2024
A while back, I was trying to purchase a booklight for Shirlene and was having difficulty finding the book section at Walmart.Walking back and forth, a Walmart associate in her 70s, stocking some item...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Created For This Time, This Location For A Reason
June 20th, 2024
During the beginning of the space race, on June 16, 1963, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space and the only woman to fly solo in space. She had received very little fo...  Read More
by Duke Stone
She Had Heard About Jesus
June 18th, 2024
In Mark 5, we find the familiar story of a woman who had suffered from an affliction for over 12 years. She had spent everything she had on doctors and had only gotten worse. Because of the Jewish law...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Our Finest Moment
June 13th, 2024
In the movie "Apollo 13", NASA works tirelessly to bring the Apollo spacecraft and its three astronauts back to Earth safely after an oxygen tank explodes in the service module just two days into the ...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Faithful Doesn't Always Gain Recognition
June 11th, 2024
The Gospels feature many quotes from well-known disciples like Peter and John. Thomas and Judas get their share of ink. Yet, James, the son of Alphaeus, remains conspicuously silent, with not a single...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Speaking The Language
June 6th, 2024
Acts 2:4 (NLT) reads, “And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.”As this outpouring occurred, the upper roo...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Add An Egg
June 4th, 2024
When the Betty Crocker cake mixes were first introduced in the 1950s, General Mills wanted to make life simpler and easier for homemakers. However, their product was a flop. They discovered homemakers...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Where The Comma Falls
May 30th, 2024
In Isaiah 59:19 (KJV), the placement of the comma in this verse has sparked debate among Bible scholars. Since the original Hebrew text lacks punctuation, translators must decide where to place it bas...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Work Willingly
May 28th, 2024
Sarah Arthur from the University of Northwestern, Saint Paul, shares an inspiring story about three bricklayers. When asked what they were doing, the first bricklayer said, "I’m laying bricks." The se...  Read More
by Duke Stone
God Notices The Details
May 23rd, 2024
1 Kings 7 recounts King Solomon’s construction of the grand temple in Jerusalem. He employed a skilled artisan, Huram, who built massive pillars 37 1/2 feet tall and 18 feet in circumference. Though p...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Significance In The Menial Tasks of Life
May 21st, 2024
Many famous people like David, Esther, Daniel, and Moses are in the Bible. But in Philippians 2, we learn about a man named Epaphroditus. We know little about him. As far as we know, he never wrote a ...  Read More
by Duke Stone
May 16th, 2024
A few years ago, I was looking through a scrapbook from when I was younger. Tucked among articles from my hometown newspaper about basketball games I participated in was a copy of something I’m sure m...  Read More
by Duke Stone
When It Matters Most
May 15th, 2024
I love this post on May 15, 2024, from marketing guru, Seth Godin, on his daily blog, Seth’s Blog:“When we do something nice for someone, a ‘thank you’ and a smile is nice to receive. And, in many par...  Read More
by Duke Stone
The Divine Garbage Dumpster
May 14th, 2024
My garbage bin has become a source of worship. Every Wednesday evening, I roll the garbage bin to the road so that the sanitation workers can drive by on Thursday morning and take away the collection ...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Dining At The King's Table
May 9th, 2024
In 2 Samuel 9:13, there is a beautiful depiction of grace and acceptance as Mephibosheth, despite his lameness, eats at King David’s table, much like one of the king’s own sons. “And Mephibosheth, who...  Read More
by Duke Stone
When The Unexpected Happens
May 7th, 2024
On April 28, 2024, commuters driving on Interstate 90 in Washington state witnessed an unusual sight. A group of zebras, in route to a sanctuary in Montana, took the opportunity to escape when their t...  Read More
by Duke Stone
The Name On His Thigh
May 2nd, 2024
Did you know that the bone in your thigh, the femur, can hold up to 30 times your body weight, close to 6,000 pounds? (www.webmd.com)Stay with me on this. John, in his Revelation, said that he saw hea...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Significance Isn't Always Glamorous
April 30th, 2024
In the story of Israel's return from exile, Zerubbabel's rebuilding of the temple is recorded in Ezra 6:14-15. The temple's reconstruction restored the spiritual center of Israel with a grand celebrat...  Read More
by Duke Stone
About Bad News And Foes
April 25th, 2024
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived in Garrison Keillor’s mythical city of Lake Wobegon from his radio program, “A Prairie Home Companion,” which aired on NPR from 1974 through 2016? Keillor usua...  Read More
by Duke Stone
His Word Will Not Return Empty
April 23rd, 2024
When you were in elementary school, you probably learned about the process of rain and evaporation. In short, it rains; the rain nourishes the earth; the rain evaporates to form clouds that create rai...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Long of Nose
April 18th, 2024
At 6'6", I'm accustomed to the frequent exclamations of, "Wow! You're tall!" that greets me when I meet people. While I’m tempted to respond with a touch of sarcasm—“Thank you for telling me, I had no...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Small Beginnings
April 16th, 2024
In our culture, we applaud those who accomplish great things. They speak at huge conferences, appear on podcasts, and climb best-seller book lists. And there is nothing wrong with that. We should appl...  Read More
by Duke Stone
Duke Stone
After 40 years in full-time ministry, I try to see how the little things in life speak big things about God. This blog is an attempt to share with you the many ways I see the love of God in the ordinary things of life.